Who is Thomas Ilinkovski?

The year was 1985. The average Australian wage was just $259 per week.

I bought my first investment property in the Newcastle suburb of Mayfield for $32,000. I spent $5,000 on some basic renovations. And sold the property seven years later for $88,000.

My name is Thomas Ilinkovski and I’m the managing director of Limitless Loans.

Thomas Ilinkovski

When I was young, I saw my parents save like crazy. But despite all the long hours they worked, and the luxuries they sacrificed, they never seemed to get ahead.

So making a tidy net profit of $51,000 from my first investment properly was a revelation for me.

I had effectively added 50% to my income for seven years without doing any extra work.

That’s when I discovered the power of leverage.

Leverage is a lot like fire. When it’s not managed, it can destroy your wealth. But when it is harnessed, it can be a source of energy that accelerates your wealth, enabling you to live a limitless life.

Over the past 30 years I’ve learned to use leverage to buy and build many properties.

On some deals I quadrupled my money in twelve years. Others gave me a 60% ROI in just three years. One attracted more than 200 prospective buyers and sold for $700,000 over valuation. At $3.15 million it was the second-highest sale in the suburb’s history at that time.

As a mortgage broker and financial adviser I’ve helped many clients find, buy, finance and profit from property. I was also the Director of a bank-owned subsidiary that employed more than 500 planners and managed billions of dollars of invested funds.

The property and lending markets have gone through massive changes over the past 30 years.

We’ve seen interest rates soar as high as 17.5%. And plummet to record lows. We’ve ridden the storms of the GFC and Covid-19. And we’ve seen sweeping changes in the financial sector as a result of the Banking Royal Commission.

Who knows what’s around the corner? But one thing is for sure: change is inevitable. And it’s complicated. So, you can’t let leverage get away from you — you have to manage it. Or you will get burned.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

Unlike other areas of life where you have to do all the work yourself (for example, when you’re trying to lose weight, you have to do the exercise —nobody else can do it for you), you can outsource your wealth creation. But you have to choose your financial team carefully.

Most banks and brokers merely focus on giving you a loan. That gives you access to leverage, but not necessarily the ongoing support to manage it.

That’s why I started Limitless Loans.

Nothing is more energising or rewarding than helping my clients achieve things they never thought were possible—taking them closer to their idea of a limitless life.

If you would like some help finding a home loan or planning how to create wealth through property, I invite you to book a free Mortgage Maximiser Strategy Session.

I look forward to helping you live your idea of a limitless life.

To your limitless success,

Thomas Ilinkovski
Managing director
Limitless Loans

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