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How to Finance Your Dream Home Or Investment Property Portfolio, Without Limiting Your Lifestyle

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This Easy-to-read 172-page Print Edition Will Show You Exactly How To…

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Get a better deal on your mortgage and save thousands in interest and repayments

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Stop paying rent and buy your own home…

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Tap into equity to renovate or upgrade to your dream home…

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Take advantage of tax benefits to grow your property portfolio (and wealth)

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Consolidate debt and pay off your loans years sooner

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And much more

… all with little-to-no extra out-of-pocket expenses

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New Book Shows You How
To Stop Overpaying For Finance

After assessing thousands of loans over the past 30 years, veteran financial expert Thomas Ilinkovski has found that 7 in 10 homeowners and investors are needlessly overpaying on their finance – often by tens of thousands of dollars.

In this practical, easy-read book, he shares his best tips from 30 years in banking and financial planning, where he has helped hundreds of clients get the right loan and financial structure to create wealth through property.

He also shares secrets from his own experience building and renovating many homes and leading multiple residential and commercial development projects.

Practical Property, Wealth & Lending Tips To Help You Live A Limitless Life

If you’re looking for tips on finance to buy, renovate, or invest with little-to-no extra out-of-pocket expenses, you could spend months researching and not scratch the surface of what Thomas reveals of his new book.

It’s being called a ‘Swiss Army Knife of home loan tips and strategies’ that answers the most important questions about lending and property in Australia.

Copies are selling on Amazon for $29.95, however, for a short time Thomas is making 100 print copies available for free (just cover the postage and handling).

We’ll help you find the best home loan,
no matter where you’re at in life.

Why give it away when we could make a tidy profit on Amazon?

Our goal is to help ten thousands Australian families to pay off their homes and be mortgage-free by 2030. While we can’t help everyone one-on-one, we can share our best tips and strategies to help you along the way. (If you would like FREE one-on-one help to find the best loan, click here.)

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Inside The 172-Page
Mortgage Maximiser Method,
You Will Discover…

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How to get the absolute best deal on your loan
(Hint: Interest rate is only one factor)

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Why your credit cards could be limiting your loan approval
(and your life)

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The five most common types of loans
(and which is best for you)

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The 9 criteria lenders use to assess your loan application (advanced preparation in these areas will greatly increase your approval rate)

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How to move from one home to another without getting stuck with two mortgages

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Thinking about getting help from your parents (or lending a hand to your children)? You MUST know these things about lump sum gifts and guarantor loans

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Tips to pay off your loan years sooner (and save tens of thousands of dollars without limiting your lifestyle)

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Finding and financing your first (or next) investment property

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How to structure your finances to minimise your tax and interest, and maximise your returns

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How to find the right people to help you buy, renovate, upgrade or invest (Tip: The biggest mistake most people make is trying to do this alone)

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And much more to help you buy, renovate, and invest in property with little-to-no extra out-of-pocket expenses, so you can secure your financial future without sacrificing your happiness today.

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What Others Are Saying About This Important Book

I am more than happy with the professional approach given to my wife and I by Thomas throughout the whole process. His easy going nature sat well with me through the meetings we held. To review and improve my finances with a minimum of fuss made the whole process more than comfortable

- PM

We knew we weren’t getting the best deal from the banks. That was obvious to us. And they weren’t acting in our best interest. We needed someone to represent us to the bank who had some buying power. Thomas helped us restructure our finances, get a better deal, and make a plan to clear our debts. Our situation is a lot better than it used to be.

The experience was really good. The service couldn’t have been better. Frankly, we were a bit of a pain. We were quite pedantic about what we wanted and we were contacting Thomas regularly.

He always answered our questions, which was important to us. It was crucial we got this right. And he did. Now I’m mortgage free. Our finances are structured completely differently (the way they should have been in the first place), our main property is mortgage free, and the loan on our investment property is a much better deal after Thomas shopped around for us.

- JC

Thomas, we would like to sincerely thank you for all the advice and information you have given us over the years. With your guidance and support, we have come a long way! There are very few people who come into your life through business that are truly genuine. You are one of the good guys and it has been an absolute pleasure to have met you.

- P&D

We were in a place in our lives and in our business whereby we needed clear financial guidance. We needed somebody with experience, somebody who could customise a plan based on our needs, and someone who could help us achieve our goals. Immediately we both felt at ease with Thomas. We’ve gone through two other so-called “experts” with big banks and the experience was awful.

I got the impression that Thomas really understood our situation and what we were trying to achieve. There was a clear sense of importance on the whole experience. He didn’t try to push any one product or any specific model. We know that if we have any questions, we can rely on a prompt response.

We’re still in the process of sorting out what semi-retirement/retirement will look like, but again we feel very supported. We don’t feel pressured and Thomas gives us a very clear sense of what the realities are given everything going on in our lives right now.

- I&O
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Claim Your Free Book And Discover…

How To Finance Your Dream Home Or Investment Property Portfolio Without Limiting Your Lifestyle

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