Buying, renovating and investing in property is the biggest financial decision you will make in your lifetime…

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Perhaps you’re not sure if now is not the right time to be borrowing money, because you’re still young, or you have a growing family to look after, or you’re even wondering if you’ve left things too late to get a mortgage or investment

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Perhaps you’re concerned you’ll pay too much interest – thousands of dollars you could have enjoyed, invested, or used to pay off your home sooner.

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Maybe you’re worried you will get stuck with the wrong type of loan, with fees and conditions that force you to pay more than you need to.

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Or maybe you simply don’t want to be limited or controlled by the wrong loan. And you don’t want your lifestyle to take a backwards step in order to make progress your home and financial future.

Many home owners, renovators and investors have similar concerns. That’s why we offer a Free Mortgage Maximiser Strategy Session to help you get the right loan with little-to-no extra out-of-pocket expenses.

Free Strategy Session
We’ll help you find the best home loan,
no matter where you’re at in life.

How to get the right loan to buy, renovate and invest without spending a cent more than you do today

Sadly, too many people unknowingly (and needlessly) overpay in interest, fees and tax. Yet, with the right loan, and the right structure for your finances, you can save thousands of dollars and achieve your property and wealth goals without limiting your lifestyle.

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First home buyers can stop paying rent and use that money to buy your own home instead of paying off your landlord’s property

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Renovators can refinance with better rate to free up thousands of dollars to renovate without increasing their monthly repayments.

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Upgraders can tap into the equity and capital growth in their existing property to finance their dream home.

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Investors can access equity and take advantage of tax benefits to grow their portfolio without impacting their cash flow.

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And most people can consolidate credit cards, personal loans and debt to save thousands in interest and repayments to enjoy now and invest for the future.


With the right, holistic financial advice, you can do all this without spending a cent more than you do today. In fact, the right refinance, debt consolidation and tax minimisation strategies could significantly boost your cash flow.

Our Mortgage Maximiser Method
lets you achieve big goals without sacrificing
the little things that are important to you

The team at Limitless Loans has more than 30 years’ experience as leaders in banking and financial planning, helping clients get the right loan and financial structure to save thousands and achieve goals they previously thought were out of their reach.

Unlike many banks and brokers who focus on ‘selling’ you a loan (mostly ‘their’ loan), our holistic approach takes all aspects of your finance into account to ensure you get the best possible outcome – now and in the future.

This holistic approach, teamed with our vast industry knowledge and network, and our passion for clients, enables us to help you pay off your loans faster, build more wealth, and lead a limitless life – whatever that may mean to you.



What You Want
To Achieve



Where You Are
Right Now



Modeling Your Future
Cash Flow



Getting Approved &
Buying Your Property



Ongoing Optimisation
Of Your Finances

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Get Your Free Mortgage Maximiser Strategy Session Today

The quickest and easiest way to find out how you can get the right loan to buy, renovate or invest with little-to-no out-of-pocket expense is to request a Free Mortgage Maximiser Strategy Session with one of our home loan experts.

Reserve an appointment today and discover how you can have more money to put towards your home and financial future, without sacrificing your happiness today.

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What others are saying about Limitless Loans

We were questioning where we were at. It felt like things were a mess, we weren’t happy with our financial situation, and we just wanted everything sorted out. That’s when we got in touch with Thomas. Quickly things felt a lot better. It felt like we were getting organised. We were getting sorted. He supported us at every step along the way. It feels fantastic. Like, really, really good!

Previously it was a constant repeat of disaster. We weren’t moving forward, we weren’t making any progress at all. Meeting Thomas has really lightened the load. He is full of information, very very thorough and stays on top of us to keep us moving forward. We have seen a huge difference.

- SP

Thomas, we would like to sincerely thank you for all the advice and information you have given us over the years. With your guidance and support, we have come a long way! There are very few people who come into your life through business that are truly genuine. You are one of the good guys and it has been an absolute pleasure to have met you.

- P&D

We knew we weren’t getting the best deal from the banks. That was obvious to us. And they weren’t acting in our best interest. We needed someone to represent us to the bank who had some buying power. Thomas helped us restructure our finances, get a better deal, and make a plan to clear our debts. Our situation is a lot better than it used to be.

The experience was really good. The service couldn’t have been better. Frankly, we were a bit of a pain. We were quite pedantic about what we wanted and we were contacting Thomas regularly.

He always answered our questions, which was important to us. It was crucial we got this right. And he did. Now I’m mortgage free. Our finances are structured completely differently (the way they should have been in the first place), our main property is mortgage free, and the loan on our investment property is a much better deal after Thomas shopped around for us.

- JC

I am more than happy with the professional approach given to my wife and I by Thomas throughout the whole process. His easy going nature sat well with me through the meetings we held. To review and improve my finances with a minimum of fuss made the whole process more than comfortable

- PM

Claim your free print copy of our book, The Mortgage Maximiser Method, and discover the secret to a limitless life

Author, Wealth and Finance Expert, and founder of Limitless Loans, Thomas Ilinkovski has more than 30 years’ experience in banking and financial planning.

He has not only helped many clients create wealth through property, he has built and renovated many homes, led multiple residential and commercial development projects.

Claim Your Free Copy Today
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This book shares some of Thomas’s best secrets including…

How to get the absolute best deal on your loan
(Hint: Interest rate is only one factor)

Why your credit cards could be limiting your loan approval
(and your life)

The five most common types of loans
(and which is best for you)

The 9 criteria lenders use to assess your loan application (advanced preparation in these areas will greatly increase your approval rate)

How to move from one home to another without getting stuck with two mortgages

Thinking about getting help from your parents (or lending a hand to your children)? You MUST know these things about lump sum gits and guarantor loans

Tips to pay off your loan years sooner (and save tens of thousands of dollars without limiting your lifestyle)

Finding and financing your first (or next) investment property

How to structure your finances to minimise your tax and interest, and maximise your returns

How to find the right people to help you buy, renovate, upgrade or invest (Tip: The biggest mistake most people make is trying to do this alone)

And much more to help you buy, renovate, and invest in property with little-to-no extra out-of-pocket expenses, so you can secure your financial future without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Free “Mortgage Maximiser Method” Book
Just Pay $9.95 Postage & Handling

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other mortgage brokers?

Any bank or broker can give you a loan. We go further and take a holistic approach to ensure you get the right loan and financial structure to live a limitless life. With
more than 30 years in banking and financial planning, we not only have the experience, we have the knowledge and network to get you the absolute best outcome.

How much do your services cost?

Access to our advice, lending network, and support services is completely free. Although lenders pay us a small fee from their marketing budget, our advice is 100% independent and in your best interest. Using a broker does not cost you any more than if you were to get a loan directly through your bank. In fact, because we are not limited to loan products from any single institution, in most cases you will have a wider range of competitive loans to choose from.

Is it REALLY possible to buy, invest, or renovate with no extra expenses?

Sadly, many people needlessly overpay on loans because they don’t know how to find the right loan to save interest and fees or structure their finances to save tax.
With our debt consolidation and tax minimisation strategies, you can buy, renovate, and invest with little-to-no extra out-of-pocket expenses, so you can secure your financial future without sacrificing your happiness today.

Who’s behind Limitless Loans?

Limitless Loans was founded by Thomas Ilinkovski – a Published Author, Wealth and Finance Expert, and former Director of a major bank subsidiary.

Over the past 30 years Thomas has used his expertise and passion to buy and build many properties. On some deals he quadrupled his money in twelve years. Others gave him a 60% ROI in just three years. One attracted more than 200 prospective buyers and sold for $700,000 over valuation. At $3.15 million it was the second-highest sale in the suburb’s history at that time. As a mortgage broker and financial adviser he has helped many clients find, buy, finance and profit from property.

He was also the Director of a bank-owned subsidiary that employed more than 500 planners and managed billions of dollars of invested funds.

He and his team a dedicated to helping you find the right loan and financial structure so you can buy, renovate, and invest with little-to-no extra out-of-pocket expenses, and secure your financial future without sacrificing your happiness today.

Why not just go directly to a bank?

In Australia we are fortunate to have a diverse and competitive lending environment. There are literally hundreds of loan products available – each with their own pros and cons. When you go directly to a bank for a loan, you significantly limit your options to the select few loans that a particular bank offers.

Using a Limitless Loans mortgage broker allows you to find a great loan from the hundreds of products across 72+ lenders. More choice means a greater chance of finding a better loan for your specific situation.

Why should I use a Limitless Loans mortgage broker?

There’s more to finding a great loan than just shopping for the lowest interest rate. We take time to understand your unique situation and recommend a loan that is in line with your needs.

For instance, if you are considering starting a family, flexibility might be important. Or if you would like to start an investment portfolio, it is crucial that you get the right structure in place. Or if renovations are on the cards, it will be important that you can easily access equity.

We make getting a great home loan easy. We understand how banks work, we’re familiar with all the different loan products, and we know how to fast-track the application process so you can get approved sooner. Like our clients, Banks enjoy working with us because we make their lives easier.

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Want To Find Out More?

Get Your Free Mortgage Maximiser Strategy Session

Reserve an appointment and discover how to find the best home loan, without sacrificing your happiness today.

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